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So Why us!

Below is a brief selection of what we believe makes us different to the many garden companies operating in your area.

Knowledgeable and Creative Gardeners
Unlike many companies operating today, we ensure that you will always have an experienced gardener that is knowledgeable, skilled and creative, often working with passionate assistants to help maintain your gardens to the highest standard. We send the same gardener(s) whenever possible so that you can gain trust and we can get to know how you like your gardens to be maintained.

Quality Results
Our programmes not only provide labour to cut your lawns and look after your shrubs. But includes pressure cleaning, lawn treatments and soil conditioning to make your gardens look professionally maintained.

Dedicated Maintenance Service
We specialise in garden maintenance and therefore stick to what we do best. We do not offer hard landscaping or waste removals. We can only operate our best service on gardens maintained on a regular basis; investing our passion and skill to enhance them to a standard only we can achieve.

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